A second set of eyes scanning the book written by you is always essential for improving the credibility of the writing piece. Prior to sending your book for publication, it is always better to get it edited and proofread by an expert. You need to opt for expert book editing and book proofreading services offered by professionals.

The editors listed with Regent Editing are 100% competent in providing you a reliable and professional pair of eyes for scanning the book written by you. We understand that it is actually impossible to edit and proofread your own work and chances for overlooking small mistakes are much greater. Professional book editing services in India offered by us will help you remain stress-free regarding the effectiveness of your book.

Once you submit your book to us, we assign the same to a dedicated editor who will realistically assess your writing and make the required modifications to the pages within the book. The book categories for which we render English editing and proofreading services include:

  • Fiction writing
  • Non-fiction writing

We edit books for grammar usage, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style. We also check the books for internal consistency of facts, insertion of headings, tables, art, figures and lists. Trust us for all your book editing requirements and see how we’ll live up to your expectations. Contact us now to know more about book editing services and book proofreading services in India !