Different books have different readers. Typesetting a book makes it readily available for a wide range of audience hailing from different corners of the world.  With an experience and knowledge to gauge the target audience for a book, we; at Regent Editing are keen towards helping people typeset their books in an excellent manner.

Unlike children’s books which are apt for creative and fun typesetting as they need to be pleasing to eyes; the more formal typesetting is what is required for books such as research documents(dissertations and theses), trade books etc. It is the utmost amount of expertise in understanding the typesetting requirements which allows us to deliver audience-oriented book typesetting services to our clients across India.

With a team of expert and technically-sound typesetters on-board, Regent Editing is well competent in handling typesetting for voluminous data and delivering it faster. Book typesetting services rendered by you would assist you in boosting your book marketing efforts much faster than your competitors. We use the latest in book typesetting tools like TeX and XML in order to typeset your content-be it text, tables or graphics etc. in an optimal manner.

With book typesetting services in India rendered by Regent Editing, you can rest assured that your book is in expert hands and will be delivered as per your expectations, and perhaps even better. So, get going and contact us today to know how we can help you typeset your book in a hassle-free and stress-free manner.