We are not some blowhards who have to swank about their team’s expertise. We simply associate with educated humans who take pleasure in their work. English language being something they are most comfortable with, our editors take every possible step to skim off the unwanted from your content. Passion, Dedication and Hard Work are just some superfluous words for them. Their sincere belief lies with doing things that speak for themselves and with these beliefs and morals, they lay their hands on each assignment. The ground objective is to add to the existing collection of seamless scientific research work.
To go into details, we would like to inform that our editors are graduates, post graduates and doctorates from leading Universities and are recruited after excelling through the rigorous tests. Once we assign the task to any editor, we keep track of the work quality at all levels, until its completion. Also, the specialisation of the editors and proof-readers is ensured before handling over your project.

Underneath we give glimpses to the profiles of some of our editors.

K Sreenivas Rao
PhD (Strategic Management), MBA(Finance)

Holding an experience of over 10 years, Rao is at lead in the field of Management, Finance and Strategy. He has been assisting scholars in dissertation editing and was also associated with a leading publishing house.

Amrita Pai
M.Phil (English Literature)

Pai is the senior editor that heads the editing and proofreading requests by research candidates. She has earned a pile of editing experience of academic documents.

Jyotsana Paul
PhD (Social Sciences), M.A in Sociology

An editor and reviewer with hands-on experience of 18 years, handling dissertations on topics, not only in social sciences, but also in fields of Political science, Urban Development and Gender Studies.

Leena Madhur
M.A (English)

Leena is an innovative, creative and dedicated writer and editor. Having a grip on the English language, she infuses fresh ways of conveying ideas through your content.

Sangeeta Krishnan
MSc (Physics)

Sangeeta Krishnan has served as editor for more than 8 years in this industry. She owns a BELS certification and has edited thousands of research documents.